Ratna Agro-Vet industries, engaged in manufacturing and distribution of wide range of qualitative aquaculture, poultry and dairy feed products.

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Mr. Thomas Alva Edison a Management Graduate pioneering effort combined with state-of- art processing plants and manufacturing facilities helped us to provide premium quality animal proteins and marine proteins in the form of Meat Meal, Fish Meal to cater the needs of Aquaculture and Poultry industry and high quality Fish and Prawn Feeds since our inception in 1984.

Ratna Agro Vet Industry gained the reputation for its quality and standards, strengthened  consumers’s trust and acknowledgement on meat products under pure brand for their fresh, hygienic and nutritious value, high quality animal proteins cater to the needs of the clientele. A stringent quality management program has been applied throughout the total supply chain in the company.

With the constant upgradation of manufacturing technology, Ratna Agro Vet Industry specialised in the processing and stands as a leading manufacturer of high quality animal protein products for the aquaculture, poultry and pet food industry.

Our flagship “PROTOCON” brand pure Meat Meal with 60% to 65%, 98% of its being digestible. The “PROTESON” Blood Meal with guaranteed protein of 85% above and true digestible protein 99% minimum and “FISHCON” sterilised Fish Meal with more than 60% protein with high digestibility.

Ratna’s business structure has taken enormous growth over three decades and it has emerged into aqua and fish feed industry to provide total nutrition feed for aquaculture. The products manufactured is very stable and the rate of biological utilisation is high. It is also finely pelleted. The brands “Rapid Grow” “Rapid PRO” and “Super GROW PLUS” acquired reputation and highly accepted as best feed for quality and species growth.

Relentless pursuit of the highest quality standards

Ratna Agro Vet Industries aims to emerge as a global player in aquaculture products by providing effective, economical and eco-friendly products with best potency to support the growth performance of fish and shrimp. We strive to provide reliable quality services to the Poultry and Dairy industries as well.

Quality Assurance

Ratna Agro Vet Industries from the beginning were built on rock solid technology designed solutions suits to our clients with basic principles enhancing that original, proven technology with the most current techniques to surpass ever-changing market trends.

In an era of frequent “new product release” and “make-it-right options”, we take great pride in the continuous success of quality feed supplies.

A team of scientific expertise professionals committed to developing a unique formulate feed with high quality tested raw materials. We maintain a reputation of supplying the industry with superior quality feed to achieve customer satisfaction in compliance with legal guidelines.

Ratna Agro Vet is at the forefront of the industry
Research & Development

Ratna Agro Vet Industries focuses on the R&D of the whole-process auto control system.

The modular equipment can be customised according to customers’ requirements and features of technical process of the factory. To realise high degree automation improve production efficiency.

Ratna Agro Vet Industry can meet the requirement of analysis, query and statistic of various data on day to day evaluation for optimum results.


Ratna Agro-Vet Industries has entered into MoU with “Indian Council for Agricultural Research” (ICAR) - “Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture” (CIBA), Chennai for technology transfer to manufacture and serve healthy aquaculture feeds.

A specialised technology, automated processes, advanced craftsmanship and equipments under highly experienced professionals to deliver excellent quality feed. Storage and warehouse facilities and logistic capabilities at Ratna Agro-Vet Industries keeps fetching up additional advantage for Aqua, Poultry and Dairy industries.

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